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Watch the CSN910 Dimensioner in action!

Reduce Your Freight Costs To Improve Your Bottom Line

Mettler Toledo Cargoscan™ in-motion dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) solutions are precise, robust and flexible. They handle everything from singulated to multiple touching package flow, all shapes and sizes and high speeds. The systems are easy to set up and integrate into various applications. Collected data is transferred to the your existing IT system.

The Mettler Toledo CSN910 offers accurate dimensioning of regular, singulated parcels and is approved for measurement over any conveyor, crossbelt or tilt tray. This means it can easily be installed in your existing system.

It can be combined with dynamic scales and barcode readers and turned into a full DWS solution. The CSN910 is ideal for integration into sorting systems with a throughput of 2 m/s or lesss. Sophisticated dimensioning technology ensures maximum dimensioning rate, full control of package count and correct sorting and material handling.


Watch the CSN910 Dimensioner in action!


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