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Perfection isn't achievable, but improvement is!Perfection isn't achievable but improvement is!

If we were all perfect, we would make more money. But, the fact is no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and have "oh no!" moments. That does not mean that our imperfections should control us.

Inefficient processes, errors, damaged goods, mis-picks, poor service levels, lack of security and injuries plague bottom lines. The worst one of these issues is injuries, where a lapse in safety can cost a company millions. Next in severity is lack of security. Pilferage and out right theft can easily cost a company in the tens of thousands of dollars. Coming in at number three is poor service levels. Maintaining a customer is a big expense but winning a new customer is even more so. Not shipping on time, the order not being correct, the product being damaged when it arrives all constitute poor service levels and can quickly cost a company a valuable relationship.

Though we are all imperfect our imperfections should not control us. There is always room for improvement. All seven areas can be addressed and the risk of their impact in your bottom line minimized. Establish a game plan to address each area and everyone will benefit in the long run.

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